Gray Haven Farms
Satin Angora Rabbits 
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This is Blue Heron Prairie Black Pearl, my first Satin Angora Rabbit.
Sadly we lost Pearl this summer.  She has left us with two beautiful does and a buck that have done well in the show ring and will be going to the 2012 ARBA Convention.
Gray Haven Farms was founded in Chino Valley Arizona in 1991. Originally we raised dairy goats, starting with Gray Haven Sally, a Great great granddaughter of Jennifer, owned by the Poet Robert Frost, and a Champion milk producer.

At one time, we had a herd of over 70 milk producing Alpine and Oberhasli dairy goats. We participated in Milk production testing and sold our product to a commercial goat cheese production facility.

After selling off the herd we relocated into town. Unable to break cleanly, we accumulated fiber animals instead. Our small farm now includes 1 angora goat, 3 sheep and 9 angora rabbits.
Gray Haven Farms is located in the small town of Waller Texas, about 45 miles from downtown Houston, Texas.
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